Hi there, I'm Kyle Boureston, the editor-in-chief of Mantelligence.

That's me above...

Mantelligence was created because I was tired of reading the same bland, low-quality, and low-value content. I wanted to grow to get better at talking to others, and better at dating... but found that it was hard to find the right type of information online to help me.

What is the right type of content? To me, it follows three fundamental rules:

Rule #1: Easy to understand 

Rule #2: Actionable

Rule #3: In-depth

And it's these three rules help us create content with one goal in mind: to help you have better conversations and help you find your life parter.

Now... if this is your first time to the site, here's how you can immediately get the most out of it:

1. Check out these 5 must-read articles

I put together this list of articles that I feel every man should read to help jump-start his Mantelligence.

These are some my favorite articles we've ever published... and if you're looking to become a better, more intelligent man, they're must-read articles:


Must-Read #1: 59 Funny Things To Say To A Girl (Over Text or IRL)

If you can make a girl laugh, you've already won. And having a set of funny things to say on deck takes a ton of the pressure off of the situation.

Must-Read #2: 75 Butter-Smooth Pick Up Lines for Her (Savage, Good, Flirty)

I know, I know... pick up lines don't work. Or do they? Well it turns out, done right... they can and do work. And the best part? They're one of the easiest ways to start a conversation.

Must-Read #3:  How to Text a Girl: 49 Texts That Work in Any Situation

We've all been here... Step #1: Get a girl's number. Step #2: Text Her. Step #3: Realize you don't what to say. Step #4: Panic. With this guide... you'll know exactly what to say (in any situation).

Must-Read #4:  136 Best Trivia Questions & Answers (Fun, General, Random)

No, you shouldn't be the person who constantly says "Did you know..." But having a few fun trivia question in your back pocket is surprisingly helpful.

Must-Read #5: 162 Deep & Personal Questions to Ask a Girl (Know Her Better)

The easiest way to start a conversation with a girl (or anyone) is knowing a few good questions to ask. And if you want to get a to know a girl better, deep / personal questions are the best way to do it.

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3. Turn off your computer... and go make some memories

When you're 80, sitting on your rocking chair, reflecting on your life... do you think you're going to remember the time you spent on the computer, or the time you spent doing awesome stuff?

The world is an incredible, beautiful place... don't forget to enjoy it.

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