If you are looking for ways to win a woman's heart, check out some poems to make her feel special. Not only are they a work of art, but you can also find some love quotes for her in them.

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So for the romantic people there, read on.

Love Poems for Her: 16 Short Poems that Make Her Feel Special


Ultimate List of Verses That Will Make You Win Her Over

You don't need to be a poet to give her romantic poems to make her feel special. We already have some of the best poems with romantic love messages to sweep her off her feet.

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6 Romantic Shakespeare Sonnets That Will Make Your Girl Swoon

Trust Shakespeare to have a list of romantic things to say to your girlfriend all over his works. These classical sonnets are timeless when it comes to expressing romance and desire.

1. Sonnet 147

The love William Shakespeare narrated in his poem is a maddening kind, fatal, which consumes a person much like a disease. This love message describes a constant battle between logic and emotion, where the latter wins, even when the desire is unhealthy.

2. Sonnet 116

As described in this romantic poem, true love is only that which is never-changing, surpasses time and death, and cannot be easily shaken. A love that persists even when your lover leaves you behind. And if it is not as such, then it is not true love.

3. Sonnet 18

Shakespeare compares his beloved to the ever-changing season, from summer to winter. The changes describe how one can be youthful and radiant once and dull and aging. But he later reassures his beloved that her youth, much like an endless summer, will be immortalized in this poem.

4. Sonnet 102

This sonnet is relatable for couples who've been in relationships for a long time. When love begins, one showers his partner with gifts and romantic gestures. As time passes, sweet gestures become more common and boring. But this does not mean that the feelings are less than before.

5. Sonnet 75

This piece describes how being with a lover is as important as food is to living. He compares looking at her to feeling full after a meal and starving and hungry when she is out of sight.

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6. Sonnet 29

The sonnet describes how even in depressing and hard times, just thinking about his love uplifts his spirit. And this kind of love that brings peace in one's life is the one you would exchange any wealth for.

3 Short and Sweet Verses to Express How Much You Love Her

If you've run out of sweet things to say to your girlfriend, then you are in luck! These sweet verses are just some breathtaking love poems to express how much you love her.

7. I Loved You by Alexander Pushkin

This easy-to-read poem describes the adoration of a man for a woman during the time they spent together. It tells his love and deep affection that, even after separating, he only has good wishes for his ex-lover.

8. Don't Go Far Off, Not Even For A Day by Pablo Neruda

This beautiful piece tells of the strong emotion of how one can never be away from the love of his life, not even for a day. He waits immensely for her return as he sees himself not surviving without her. If your love for her is the same as described, don't forget to read her this as a good morning poem.

9. Fast Anchor'd Eternal O Love! by Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman's short and sweet poem is dedicated to his wife. In this piece, he describes how she brings him so much happiness with her love. This short romantic love poem is one you can memorize and recite to her on a sweet date.

3 Cute Rhymes Guaranteed to Make Your Girl Feel Love

If you're stuck on finding cute ways to say I love you, look no further. Poems are some classy ways to bust up on your rhymes while expressing how much you love her.

10. I Carry Your Heart With Me by E.E. Cummings

Known as one of the most prominent poems of modern times, this describes how the love between two people is unlike any other. Reading romantic love quotes from this poem will make your loved one feel special if you consider her your world and your fate.

11. A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

This short love poem likens his love to a rose, an everlasting feeling that can endure and surpass even the aches when lovers are apart.

12. Poem I Wrote Sitting Across The Table From You by Kevin Varrone

This beautiful love poem was written to express how close the writer wants to be with his lover. So, if you're one whose lover he wants to be in his life adventures, small or big, then this short poem is perfect.

4 Nice and Beautiful Poetic Verses That Will Surely Brighten Her Day

Lighten up her mood with nice things to say to your girlfriend. Use these poems to brighten her day.

13. One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Strand by Edmund Spenser

In this love poem, the writer attempts to write his lover's name on the shore as a gesture of love, but the tide keeps washing it away. And so, to immortalize his love for her, she turned it into a poem. See how she lights up after reading this.

14. Love Sonnet by Pablo Neruda

This sensuous love sonnet tells of overwhelming love and desire. He described this desire as an animalistic craving, the hunger felt by a prowling puma for his lover he sees as divine and worthy of worship.

15. Yours by Daniel Hoffman

Hoffman wrote this beautiful poem to his wife of 57 years. It describes the incompleteness one would feel without his significant other. Replace your good morning message with this sweet poem which is enough to leave her smiling.

16. To You by Walt Whitman

The poem tells you how people are connected, even two strangers, and should be able to communicate easily with each other. But the sad reality is that it rarely happens due to social constraints. But if you find that perfect connection with your girl, then it is worth keeping.

Downloadable and Printable List of Poems To Make Her Feel Special

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of poems to make her feel special (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

6 Best Ways to Present the Poems That You Prepared For Her

If you are the creative type who doesn't know how to tell a girl you love her, it's time to pour creative juices into a poem. But make sure your romantic poems to make her feel special are delivered in a way that your artwork will not be wasted.

1. Make a video about it.

If you have a collection of homemade videos and photos of you and your girl, put them together and use them to make a video with your poem in the background. Or, if you have the time, shoot a video of her without her knowing.

2. Turn it into a song.

Songs are poems arranged in a certain meter and structure and added some melody. If you play musical instruments, it would be a bonus if you could sing them to her directly.

3. Memorize and recite the verses after a romantic dinner.

What better way to end a dinner date than listening to a romantic poem recited by a lover? Since all elements are there, the ambiance, the moment, it's a perfect time.

4. Write it down on sticky notes.

Have your poem written on sticky notes and try to cover her room wall with it. Or, if these are short poems to make her feel special, you can stick them to her table where she can easily see them.

5. Turn it into a book.

If you have a collection of poems written for her, you can make it into a book. Make a decorative cover and give it to her as a birthday gift. It's personal and creative at the same time, plus add some birthday messages and make it a day to remember.

6. Share the poem on social media and dedicate it to her.

Social media will let everyone know how you feel about your girl. Share your poem in one, and don't forget to dedicate it to her. You'll have her and an entire audience gushing at your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to sweet gestures, one has to know his partner well enough to know what comes as romantic and not. Below are some FAQs to answer your queries.

Do girls like guys that are romantic?

Girls like romantic guys. Romantic gestures often help relationships develop, especially when it is new.

Do girls appreciate sweet surprises?

Of course! But be sure your surprises are within the boundaries both of you have set. For example, if she's been clear that she's not into expensive gifts, respect it.

Would she like it if I composed my own poems/songs?

She would definitely appreciate it since you have put some time and effort into making such. Plus, since it is personalized, she would be thrilled to know she's the one behind your composition.

How can I make her feel special every day?

Show her that you are interested in how her day went. Ask about it and genuinely listen to what she has to share. Offer to do things for her, whether it's a chore or a massage. Give her compliments, especially when she is feeling down. Don't forget to message every day, whether it's a good morning text or a goodnight message.

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For those hopeless romantics out there looking for the perfect poems to make her feel special, then I hope this article has helped you. Nothing says I love you than having the words of classy poets help you express your undying love.