This list of things to do in the morning will jumpstart your day.

Believe it or not, 92% of highly productive people have their own morning routine. I've written helpful posts on productive things to do and things that can help improve your life. To help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle, I've gathered the best things to do when you wake up.

Let's start.


5 Things To Do In The Morning to Start Your Day Right

Whether you’re a morning person or not, you have to start your day somewhere along the way. The great thing about the morning routine or daily habits I’m about to share is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a morning bird or a night owl. This 5-step routine will help you get ready for what your day (or night) is about to offer.

#1: Wake Up and Breathe

Let's be real; opening your eyes as soon as you wake up can be challenging for many people. However, doing breathing exercises is not. Starting your day with breathing helps improve your lung capacity and is a great awareness activity that'll help you be more alert throughout your day.

There are plenty of breathing techniques, but I highly suggest Dirga Pranayama or 3 Part Breath for beginners. This is where you inhale–consciously and continuously from your belly, chest, and throat (hence the name)–and exhale the other way. Feel your breath rising and falling, moving in your body. And after a few minutes or so, you'll feel more relaxed and awake.

#2: Don’t Reach for Your Mobile

Going on social media to catch up on the things that happen while you’re sleeping is incredibly tempting. However, reaching for your phone or tablet as soon as you wake up is the pitfall for an unproductive day. Believe it or not, most apps on your phone are designed to keep you from noticing time (Looking at you, Tiktok). And so, try not to look at your phone as soon as you wake up–however difficult that might be.

#3: Make Your Bed

Instead of staying in bed on your phone for a long time, stand up and make your bed. Making your bed in the morning will prevent you from going under the covers. Therefore, you’ll be forced to do other things than lying down for who knows how many minutes or hours. Besides, going to a clean, made-up bed when you actually have to sleep is a reward waiting for you at the end of your day.

#4: Move Around

After making your bed, you might want to do some stretches or morning exercises. Moving your body in the morning will helps in improving blood flow throughout your body after being asleep and sedentary for hours. When you exercise in the morning, it also provides a boost of energy as well as positive chemicals in your brain, making your mood brighter.

#5: Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

If you live with your spouse, a beloved pet, or another close family member, spending time together in the morning, however short it is, can instantly improve your mood for the day. Playing with your pet, talking to your partner, or helping your kids get ready are some productive yet rewarding activities you can do in the morning.

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5 Benefits of Starting Your Day With a Routine

Why should you start your early morning routine with activities that promote mindfulness and productivity? A successful person would tell you that having productive mornings will allow you to reach your goals faster. But there's more to it than that.

Benefit #1: Better sleep quality.

Starting your day right involves doing things that will more or less improve your energy levels and mood. Getting enough sleep and rest can do wonders for your energy when you wake up. And in return, you'll get the benefit of having better sleep.

Sticking to a morning routine, like waking up at the same time every day allows your body's circadian rhythm to align better with your schedule and energy throughout the day. To sleep better, you must engage in activities that foster better habits, such as adopting a mindful morning regimen.

Benefit #2: Enough time to accomplish your plan for the day.

Looking at social media, with all the apps that keep you entertained, can definitely take up hours. Grabbing your phone the first thing as soon as you wake up can hinder you from completing an important task.

Committing to a morning routine where you start the day with activities that won't take a huge chunk of time helps you have enough time to do things that are on your to-do list.

So instead of staying an hour or more in bed scrolling away at your phone screen, you should partake in doing minor yet productive activities such as gratitude journalling and making your bed.

Benefit #3: Reduces stress

Having enough time to accomplish your work and the demands of the day helps reduce stress and bouts of anxiety. You won't be always in a hurry, and maybe you'll find yourself having a bit of leisure time before you start your day. This gives you more emotional and mental capacity to participate in further relaxation with friends and other loved ones.

Benefit #4: Improved cognitive function

Excellent sleep quality and low stress levels both contribute to good mental health. While enhanced functionality in your mind is essential to stay productive and on top of your daily tasks, a clear head is important for peace within yourself.

Benefit #5: Develop healthy habits

A popular saying talks about how habits become a permanent part of your life if you continue doing them for a month. And it's really true if you want to change your lifestyle. Adopting and sticking to a productive morning routine can inspire you to incorporate more mindful and healthy habits into your daily life.

How Can You Develop a Healthy Morning Ritual

Rome wasn't built in a day; so does developing healthy morning habits. To give your daily routine a makeover, you need to know certain factors that can make or break the change you want to commit to.

#1: Know your body clocks.

Getting familiar with your circadian rhythm or allowing yourself to develop one that adheres to your schedule best is a key factor in changing your routines for your waking hours.

#2: Start having quality sleep.

As mentioned before, quality sleep improves your energy, mood, and your mental capacity to perform your daily duties. As much as possible, sleep for at least 6 hours and take naps within the day. The idea is to get as much good sleep as you can.

#3: Plan your next day's morning activity.

Organizing your day ahead brings comfort, especially when you're good at adhering to your schedule. Why not incorporate a few mindful morning routine ideas to develop good habits when you wake up? You can prepare for the next day by assembling an outfit or making some overnight oats.

#4: Make your morning habits more fun.

There are plenty of ways you can do to add smiles and laughter to your mornings. For example, using a habit tracker when journaling is another thing that can make your AM routine fun. It's satisfying to see checklists getting filled up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions about the ideal morning routine for a productive day? Here are the most asked questions that I'll answer.

What is the best time to go to bed?

Ideally, you should be in bed around 10 hours before your first appointment the next day. Sleeping at a set time is something everyone can hope for. However, certain jobs might require you to work split hours, not only the regular 9 to 5.

What can I do instead of grabbing my phone in the morning?

You can do plenty of things, including making your bed, fixing yourself a hot cup of morning coffee or some healthy breakfast, reading the morning pages, and meditation. You can also just do some morning hygiene care, work out, or engage in another physical activity. Any other activity is a good idea and can be a breath of fresh air.

What is the best time to wake up in the morning?

Similar to the first question, it's ideal to wake up at least an hour or two before your first appointment of the day. This gives you ample time to get ready and prepare yourself for your daily schedule. Don't hit the snooze button often.

Is waking up early good for you?

Many studies say that waking up early is great for your overall health and productivity. This is mainly due to the sunlight you can get in your system. Sunlight also gives you positive energy. Another good thing about waking up early is that an early riser can enjoy more hours of the day; you might even have time for brunch.

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I mentioned earlier that the morning routine I shared would work for either morning or night persons. Do you want to know what’s better? You don’t need to do these things to do in the morning step-by-step; it’s not restrictive. As soon as you wake up, depending on your mood, you can immediately do step 2 or 3 instead of step 1. It all depends on what you feel like doing as long as you incorporate these five things in your mornings.