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3 Fun Activities To Do With Your Family On A Rainy Day

Everybody loves the warm, sunny weather, especially if you have some bonding time to spend with your family. However, sometimes unexpected things happen, and the rain comes pouring down on your plans. I know how frustrating it can get when you've made schedules and prepared all the stuff you need for all of it to go to waste.

That's why we've compiled a list of fun rainy day activities you can try with your family and friends to still have fun despite the weather.

#1: Scavenger hunt, anyone?

Since you'll stay home, why not make it interesting and plan a scavenger hunt your kids will enjoy? Make use of your space and check all the interesting corners where you can put the items. Make it more elaborate and form a story around the objects to include in the hunt. The player with the most things wins a prize, like a brownie or a milkshake.

#2: Am I hearing you right?

Have you ever tried to host a lip sync battle? If not, this may be the best time to do it. Challenge your kids and other family members to choose an iconic pop song and have them put on a show. You can go all out and let them choose costumes and props. Then, if you want to find unbiased judges, Facebook is just a click away. Take videos of the performances to post on your feed. Have your family and friends vote on the best output, and the person with the most votes wins.

#3: Mom, have you seen the baking soda?

Science experiments are always fun to do, especially when you do it with someone who knows their stuff. Look up some cool and easy DIY experiments on the Internet and check your cupboard and cleaning cabinet for the materials you'll need. Most likely, you'll have them lying around. Also, ensure your kids are old enough to appreciate and participate in the experiments. It will be a waste of time and effort if they aren't age-appropriate.

Entertaining your kids and family members should be a piece of cake, as long as you give them the right motivation and keep it interesting. The key here is variation. If there have been multiple rainy days, change the activities occasionally to keep the kids interested. Have fun!

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6 Benefits Of Spending Quality Time With Family

I understand how difficult it must be to make indoor activities as fun as outdoor activities. When plans are interrupted, it can be really stressful to compromise and think of another option. However, nothing beats the bond shared between family members. Most people would choose to spend time with family, even if the situation isn't ideal. If you're feeling a little discouraged because of the circumstances, remember that there are always good things to look forward to when you bond with your family.

#1: It builds children's self-esteem and self-confidence.

There are many things that can help boost a child's self-esteem, but one of the most influential factors is the support system they have at home. When you foster a good and safe home environment, it creates a space for the child to be open about their feelings and communicative about their experiences with classmates, friends, and even the other adults in their lives. When you spend more time with your kids, it helps you learn about their likes and dislikes and who they really are within.

When you take them to an escape room, for instance, you will see them either thrive or succumb to the problem-solving element of the game. When you go to a museum, you will discover if they are inclined toward natural history and interactive exhibits or if they easily get bored with the absence of physical activity. Learning about what your child likes helps you support them better, which eventually builds a solid foundation for them to be confident around other people.

#2: It strengthens family bonds.

An indoor activity almost forces the family to spend time together, and once you spend most of your days together, it really helps form strong bonds. Let's say you do rainy day activity #1 from our list above. Preparing the stuff for the scavenger hunt takes a lot of time and energy from the get-go.

You can make it as complicated and personalized as you want so that the game isn't as easy and doesn't end quickly. Cooking and eating together are also common rainy day things you can do as a family. If you don't usually do that together, then maybe the bad weather is a silver lining you can take advantage of.

#3: It develops positive behaviors.

If your family lives in a big city like Los Angeles or New York City, you will most like live fast and busy lives with packed schedules every day. Choosing this life usually entails sacrificing the quality time you spend with your family. It makes you stressed out, tired, and unwilling to make an effort to do stuff with them.

However, it will make you even more exhausted when you find out your children are closed off from the world and prefer to do everything else just as long as it doesn't involve their family. Making time for each other reinforces the love and kindness you give each other, which usually also translates to their treatment of other people. Listening to each other's life stories, even if it's just for afternoon tea, makes all the difference in your general mood.

You will see that the best things in life are the simplest ones. One of those is having a special bond with your family.

#4: Quality family time improves a child's academic performance.

Similar to having self-confidence, improving your child's academic performance stems from having a good support system at home. Paying attention to your child's progress in school is a great place to start when you want to increase their productivity and learning. If you're staying in on a rainy afternoon, you should check if there's anything they're having a hard time with and see what you can do to help them through that.

It would also help when you take them to educational spots like museums that can foster a liking for science and history. In fact, if you're living in Central Florida, you can visit the Orlando Science Center and have them check out all the indoor attractions for viewing. You'll never know if you have a scientist in your home if you don't introduce them to these places at least once in their lives.

#5: It encourages communication.

Sharing your life with your family, especially those moments that you don't usually speak about to other people, strengthens your trust and loyalty to one another. Parents typically have difficulty talking to their children because they haven't made their home a safe space for everyone to open up. It's important to remember that your children are people too.

They have feelings, and they're allowed to feel them, no matter how innocent and trivial it may seem to you as an adult. When you constantly pay attention to your children and let them express their inner feelings, it will be easy for them to share intimate details about their lives with you. They will know that you are ready to listen and empathize with whatever they're going through.

#6: It creates empathy, love, and kindness.

A simple board game night or a day purely dedicated to arcade games and junk food can make a huge difference to how strong your family bond can be. Quality time usually doesn't have to be an elaborate well thought-out plan. Even just having coffee on your porch and enjoying mother nature together can provide the right scene and mood for you to open up with each other.

Your child or spouse may be experiencing something that they're not sure you'd want to hear, so maybe that can be the way for them to share their hardships with you. When you show your family that you have empathy for them when they need you the most, they will often show the same love and kindness to other family members and even their friends. It helps foster an environment where everyone feels the love they deserve.

Bonus: Other Ways To Strengthen Family Relationships

Family relationships are simple for some but usually complicated for most people. There are unique characteristics that each family has, and sometimes those traits create friction and conflict among the members of the family. That's why you need to make an effort to improve and strengthen your family bond, no matter the circumstance.

1. Go to an amusement park together.

Let's say you've been dying to visit Universal Studios with your family but just can't find the time to do it. Take this as a sign to spend a weekend together and have fun at an amusement park with your family. It lets you bond with each other and find out what stuff your family enjoys together. Universal Orlando is a good option if you're nearby.

2. Visit famous food parks or restaurants together.

You may be scrolling on your social media and happen to come across a restaurant that comes highly recommended by many of your friends. You can use that opportunity to try it together and give your own "reviews" of what you liked and didn't like. There are many good food places in New Orleans that you would probably enjoy. If you're near the area, you can go ahead and check those out.

3. See a play or musical together.

If you're into performing arts, you can book tickets to see your favorite play or musical with your family and let them know what you like about it. They may enjoy it with you or find it incredibly boring, but it's still a chance to share a side of yours that they may not fully understand yet.

4. Go to a museum together.

You may enjoy looking at contemporary art, and you want to share that with your family. Book a trip to see your favorite American art pieces in an art gallery nearby, and be an unofficial "curator" for your family when you visit. You can share facts about the artwork and the artist.

Tell them about what features of the art spoke to you and piqued your interest. They'll see your deeper side and discover how you interpret different pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still concerned about what to do on a rainy day and how it can help strengthen your family bond? These frequently asked questions may very well be the answer to your queries.

What develops a strong bond in a family?

Quality time, communication, and compassion are the strongest factors that can affect your family's strength. You will notice that these have nothing to do with your social status and financial situation. Sometimes, it's the free things that will have the most impact on your family life. They are also the most difficult to perpetuate, so it's important that you do it constantly with them.

How can you build a healthy bond with the family?

Being open-minded is one of the most helpful things you can offer your family. When they know they can come to you with anything and you're willing to hear their side, it promotes a healthy and safe environment at home. They won't hide things from you because they know you have an open mind and won't judge them without listening to them first.

Why is it important to be close to your family?

Being close to your family is important because they know who you are and will be the people you can turn to when life hands you difficult situations. Granted, some people are not blessed with a good support system, and they need to find a family outside their bloodline. However, some people have parents and family members that try their hardest to create a strong bond with each other. You should cherish and love these kinds of family members because they will most likely support you even when you are not your best self.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know all the things to do on a rainy day, you'll be able to bond with your family despite the weather.

There are actually many things to do on a rainy day that you can choose to do with friends. However, trying them with your family is much better because it will let you bond with them and show them how much you enjoy your time together. Remember, friends are for now, but family is forever.

Whether you're thinking about your biological or chosen family, you need to allow some time for them and give them your undivided attention when they need it. You will soon find out they'd be willing to do the same for you because you love and care for them.