We were up late last night watching Alpha M’s video about how to be irresistible to women, and we thought that we could actually add some more tricks to that.

So, here we are.

7 Psychological Tricks to Be Irresistible to Women (Do These Now) (Animated)

7 Psychological Tricks To Be Irresistible

Since we really want to help you out, we will also tell you the number 1 thing you should avoid doing if you want to become irresistible.

Let’s get started.

7. No Lame Name

One psychological trick to be irresistible to women is to actually say their name as often as you can in your conversation. This is because hearing your own name is music to your ears, so when a girl hears you say her name, it makes it hard for her to resist you.

When you say her name while you talk to her, it makes everything more personal. It makes you more real to her.


Because there is no way, you have talked to another girl, let alone another person, in the same way. Your conversation is unique to only both of you, and that is something. That’s how to get a girl to like you - make her feel that she’s unique.

However, be careful because since a name makes everything personal, you should never get her name wrong. Pay attention to the spelling and pronunciation of her name.

And, of course, you should never call her by a different name. Doing so would lose you all the points you’ve gained with her, and that’s certainly not how to impress a girl, I’m telling you.

6. Talking Hands

This psychological trick to be irresistible to women is also one of the body language tricks to make her chase you. This is none other than being expressive, as can be when you’re talking.

How do you do that? Well, the easiest way is to actually use your hands to elaborate on what you’re saying. Be animated because that’s how to make a girl like you.

Don’t look like a stiff stick in your seat. Use your hands to talk. When you do this, you are making your conversation lively, showing her that you are interested and invested in what you two are talking about.

When you are moving while talking, it also means that you are engaged and you’re passionate about what you’re saying. And guys, there is nothing more irresistible to women than a man who knows how to be passionate about work, life, or a hobby.

Now, do you wanna know how else you can show her that you are passionate? Well, you can do so by learning more about body language.

5. Smell Well

By now, it is a very obvious fact that how you smell definitely impacts attraction. Indeed, our noses play a very vital role in how attractive and, yes, how irresistible we are.

Well, it turns out that science has something to do with it. In an article published on CNN’s website, an evolutionary psychologist at the University at Albany in New York, Gordon Gallup, said that body odor can influence how attractive you are to someone because it holds clues to your health.

Just as men find women with wide hips attractive because it is associated with childbearing and health, we are drawn to people who smell good because this may mean that they are healthy.

So really, what am I trying to point out here? The psychological trick to be irresistible here is to make sure that you smell good because doing so puts you ahead of the attractiveness race.

4. Leave a Trail

Okay, guys, admit it. We are all in awe when it comes to mystery. And while being an open book is a great thing sometimes, leaving a little mystery is the best way to go, especially when trying to make any girl fall in love with you.

To be irresistible to women, one of the psychological tricks is to leave a trail behind you that will make her want to get to know you more. Don’t tell or show her everything there is to know about you during the early stages of knowing each other.

Now, be sure that you are not overdoing this because you might come off as very reserved and seem distant, which will not help you at all in your quest to be irresistible. But you know what else would help you?

It is actually knowing how to make any girl fall in love with you.

3. Positive Peter

Yet another psychological trick to be irresistible is to try to give off a positive vibe most of the time. Take note that I said most of the time because everyone has their bad days.

However, I'm trying to say here that you shouldn’t be that pessimistic person that she dreads seeing. Be the optimistic influence on her so that you’ll be someone she’s looking forward to talking to and being with... and not someone she avoids.

This is how to be more attractive. When you are this kind of person, she’ll long to be in your company; believe me, that feels good. Plus, we already have plenty of negative things around us that we definitely don’t need another person to add to it, right?

2. Shine The Light

Another one of the psychological tricks that will help you learn how to attract women and ultimately make a girl crazy for you is to make them think that you are not an insecure person and the best way to do this is to shine the light on others… In other words, don’t be afraid to praise other people or give them compliments.

This is because you can only do this when you’re not afraid that other people will look better than you. On the contrary, you are comfortable highlighting the great features of others because you’re so confident about yourself that you don’t mind if others take the spotlight.

That, my friends, is how you make a girl crazy for you.

1. Get Moving

The last and probably the easiest thing you can do to be irresistible is to have a life. Have a life outside of her. Contrary to popular belief, a woman doesn’t want you to make her your world because, if you’re able to do that, that only means that you aren’t doing anything with your life at all, and that is no way to be irresistible.

If anything, this will make her run from you because while she’ll love the attention at first, in the long run, she won’t be able to reciprocate because she’ll be busy with other things in her life. She’ll then get suffocated, and it won’t end well.

Yup, that’s where her mind goes when she sees that you just spend your days and weeks on your couch doing nothing. So, get moving. Do things, get a hobby, at the very least.

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Number 1 Thing That’ll Make Her Stay Away From You

Oh wow, time does really fly when you’re having fun, huh? We’re near the end, which means it’s now time for us to tell you the number 1 thing that’ll make her stay away from you.

This is when you lie and play mind games with her. No one wants to be fooled and to be lied to. It’s just the worst thing.

So, if you really want to be irresistible, you can never go wrong with the best policy, honesty. Be truthful, and you’ll be irresistible to women. Now, that’s easy.


How about you guys, do you know of any other psychological tricks to be irresistible? Let us know in the comments below.

Learning about tricks to be irresistible to women was fun, right? Make sure to put them into practice, and just, so you get the full benefits of these tricks, pair them up with body language that will make her chase you.

That’s the perfect combo.